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Comic Book Scalping Podcast: Episode 10

Join me for the tenth episode of my brand new Comic Book Scalping Presents: This week in Speculation! Please share, like and subscribe!    

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With Spider-man: Homecoming being released early next month there has been a lot of news coming out about the Sony Spider-Man universe. Early this week we found out that the Venom and Black and Silver (The Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie) would take place in the Spider-Man Homecoming universe. The new Spider-Man film is set up to be a

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Week in Review: May 30 2018

There is really only one book to be looking for this week, Spawn Directors Cut 1 Per Store Retailer Appreciation Variant. This book features the Spawn #227 cover with a new coloring and with silver foil logos. This book was sent to every diamond account retailer making the print run 2 to 3 thousand. This book is currently selling for

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Hollyweird: April Edition

This week it was announced that Hulu has ordered a pilot for a Locke and Key series. Most articles about this say that there was a “very competitive” bidding war. Which seems unlikely considering there was no interest in the series after FOX ordered a pilot and decided not to move forward after filming was completed in 2011. Locke and

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WORD: Legion TV Show

FX announced yesterday that they ordered a Pilot episode for a comic book project they were working on; Legion, and announced they were also developing a project related to the Helfire Club. This is great news for speculators as Legion is a characters whose first appearance regularly appears in dollar and three dollar bins – under $10 bins in high

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Week in Review: October 9

After a few small hick-ups with the behind the scenes production, news came out this week that Skybounds Clone has moved to Universal Studios and is moving forward as a Live-Action TV-series. Clone was first optioned in 2013, but since then has seen a steady decrease in value. This is sure to change with more positive news coming out about

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