Week in Review: May 30 2018

There is really only one book to be looking for this week, Spawn Directors Cut 1 Per Store Retailer Appreciation Variant. This book features the Spawn #227 cover with a new coloring and with silver foil logos. This book was sent to every diamond account retailer making the print run 2 to 3 thousand. This book is currently selling for $80 to $100, I would expect the price to drop as more copies come to market, however, with the large Spawn fan base this could be a long term collectors item.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.18.36 PM

The Unquotable Trump is an ashcan comic book featuring classic comic covers redone featuring Donald Trump and various quotes from speeches he’s made.  Drawn and Quarterly picked up the comic and is publishing an over-sized treasury edition in November. In the past week on ebay this ashcan has sold from $15 to $30. You can still buy copies of this ashcan for $4 from this link.


Happy Speculating
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  • Donato Congialdi

    Trying for that Spawn tomorrow…good luck to us all..That Trump ashcan actually has some fantastic art inside..ordered a few(low risk)…thanks for the tip Jimmy !

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