With Spider-man: Homecoming being released early next month there has been a lot of news coming out about the Sony Spider-Man universe. Early this week we found out that the Venom and Black and Silver (The Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie) would take place in the Spider-Man Homecoming universe. The new Spider-Man film is set up to be a trilogy so it is assumed all of these characters will eventually meet on screen.

Today The Hollywood Reporter announced that Carnage would appear in the Venom film. Carnage’s first full appearance (and first cover) has seen a lot of love today – there were three CGC 9.8 sales on ebay today for $375 – $400. Amazing Spider-Man #361 has been a key book sought after by collectors for some time.

However if you plan to spec on this character, Amazing Spider-Man #360 is the book you should be looking for. This book is currently very undervalued and features the first cameo appearance of Carnage. This book currently sells for $10 to $15 in Near Mint Condition.

Another book that should see an increase and is already pretty sought after, is Maximum Carnage #1 the Marvel / Acclaim promotional one-shot for the Maximum Carnage artridge video game from 1994. There is also the very limited QVC Maximum Carnage Box Set – limited to 5,000 for SNES and 5000 for the Genesis system. This box set came with the Cartridge game, Marvel pins and a Limited Edition leather bound HC that reprinted The Amazing Spider-Man #’s 344, 345, and 359 to 363.

Happy Speculating
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  • Christopher Johnson

    Invader Zim got picked up by Nickelodeon I think? It’s going to be a movie as I understand it but I could be wrong. I deleted the comic list headlines and forgot exactly what I read.

    • Invader Zim was a comic based on a TV show, so I’m not sure if the comic will get any love based on this new news.

      • Ya never know… Rick & Morty #1 is a pretty big book now. Doubt Invader Zim will do the same but it always had a pretty loyal cult following.

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