Weird Hollywood: TV Catch Up

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Bruno Heller Showrunner for the Fox Gotham TV-Show announced this week that this second season of the TV-Show will see the introduction of the Court of Owls characters. First introduced in the New 52 by Scott Snyder, the Court of Owls first appears in Batman #5. Currently a $20 book – this book is sure to see an increase of interest when Gotham returns to air.


Another recent casting was the character Negative Woman in the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. The Negative Woman first appears in Showcase #94 – a book that has been gaining momentum recently with rumours as the book also features the first appearance of the “new” Doom Patrol. This is another book to be looking for and holding onto until the TV-Show premiers.


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  • Hey just saw this post and the Court don’t appear at all in Batman #5 . They appear on a video screen at end of issue 4 and appear fully in issue 6

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