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March Hit List Part Deux (2)

You can check out March’s Part 1 list here, but here are two books you should be keeping an eye on. At the in-store comic convention kick-off live stream – Peter Hogan reported that his Dark Horse series Resident Alien was getting a lot of interest from Hollywood and its TV / Movie adaptation was imminent. This has resulted in all

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Arrowed: CW Looks to expand the DC Tv-Show on-going series: PART 2

The characters so far set to appear in the new CW show are, an older Firestorm, Captain Cold, The Atom and Black Canary. Speculation wise there arn’t a lot of books that havn’t been spoken for, however, here are a few that might have slipped through the cracks. First appearance of Modern Black Canary – Black Canary in Arrow is

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Arrowed: CW Looks to expand the DC Tv-Show on-going series: PART 1

Last month Deadline.com started the Atom TV-Show rumours – that the CW producers behind Arrow and Flash were looking to make a new on going series based around the Atom. (With Brandon Rooth reprising his role from Arrow).  Today more rumblings have come out about another CW / DC TV show and all signs are pointing to the Atom, with

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Supergirl Starz: Cyborg Superman

A few weeks ago there was a “bombshell” announcement that Jimmy Olsen would be appearing in the upcoming CBS Supergirl tv-show as a black man trying to date Supergirl’s alter ego. This was in the comic website news for a few days but quickly went away. Today two more actors were cast in the Supergirl Tv-Show – the characters Hank Henshaw

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Arrow Keys Round up

CW’s Arrow is a hit TV-Show, and with the Flash spin-off, Arrow has no end in sight. Here is a run down of some of the Arrow Comic Book Keys. Firestorm Volume 2, #23 first appearance of Byte AKA Felicity Smoak Green from the CW Arrow TV-Show. She might appear as some kind of weird computer program villain, but this

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Hollywood Daze: The Blue Devil

Heres a book thats been on the rise over the last few weeks, Fury of the Firestorm #24 – first appearance of the Blue Devil. Completed sales this week have a great contrast with results from last week. There has been a little discussion as to why this book is one to buy however, completed sales speak for themselves. Blue

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