Arrowed: CW Looks to expand the DC Tv-Show on-going series: PART 2

The characters so far set to appear in the new CW show are, an older Firestorm, Captain Cold, The Atom and Black Canary. Speculation wise there arn’t a lot of books that havn’t been spoken for, however, here are a few that might have slipped through the cracks.

First appearance of Modern Black Canary – Black Canary in Arrow is a character named Sara Lance. There are two Black Canary’s in the DC Universe Laurel Lance and her mother Dinah Drake Lance. The CW’s Black Canary is most likely the younger version, so they can add a plotted back story with flash backs and other nonsense. Her First appearance is Justice League of America #75. A Reasonably findable book. (also, notice who is on the cover, Green Arrow AND the Atom. Hm)


With Captain Cold being put into his own TV-Show and the other cast announcement trends on Arrow and the Flash, it is only a matter of time before the Rouges become an integral part of the CW Universe. The Rouges is a super Villain team made up of Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, The Trickster and the Mirror Master, just to name the inaugural members. The Rouges first appeared in Flash #130 (Volume 1) – THis book has a lot of potential – the Rouges team could be a rubric on other possible characters to be added in the universe.


Also, another character to keep an eye on is the Vixen. With her own CW Universe animated series being released later this year, her first appearance, Action Comics #521 at $50 is a bargain. Plus she was just added into the Downloadable content of the Lego Batman game. What does this mean? Vixen isn’t going anywhere for the time being and has a lot of potential moving room.


SOON: CW Flash Trickster Speculation


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