Arrow Keys Round up

cw-arrow-green-arrow-bannerCW’s Arrow is a hit TV-Show, and with the Flash spin-off, Arrow has no end in sight. Here is a run down of some of the Arrow Comic Book Keys.

Firestorm Volume 2, #23 first appearance of Byte AKA Felicity Smoak Green from the CW Arrow TV-Show. She might appear as some kind of weird computer program villain, but this is really her first appearance! If you believe in the Arrow TV-Show, this is a good book to be holding onto. At least until the third season premier.


Firestorm Volume 2, #24 first appearance of the Blue Devil, speculated to have a larger role within the Arrow / Flash worlds, currently appearing in Movie World of Arrow.

First blue devil - don't post ASAP 

Justice League of America #94 – First appearance of Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn is a nemisis of Arrow on both the television series and the television’s comic book series. His first appearance has a lot of room for growth with current sales barely peaking over the $20 mark.

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 7.24.31 PM

Action Comics #521- First appearance of the Vixen. This character has a animated series in development being made within the Arrow / Flash CW universe. Its only a matter of time before she becomes live action. This book is currently peaking towards the $100 mark.


Firestorm Volume 1 #3 The first appearance of Killer Frost a character that steadily appears against Firestorm in every incarnation of the character. Based on condition this book sells for between $30 and $40.

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 11.17.17 PM

Weird War Tales #93 – The first appearance of the Creature Commandos (and Lt. Matthew Shrieve) – Lt. Matthew Shrieve is to appear in the third season opening of Arrow and already the book has skyrocketed.

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 12.34.32 AM

Did I miss a book you think is a Arrow Tv-Show Key? or Do you have an unrelated Arrow tip you’d like to share? Comment below! Or hit us up on Facebook!

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  • More fun comics #73… Or the millennium edition reprint. First appearance of green arrow is certainly the most important key when it comes to “Arrow”.

  • Batman 475 Renée Montoya first appearance speculation as the question in show also Blue Beetle #1 1967 first appearance Question

  • A couple on my list that are kind of interesting that you don’t have are:
    1. Tatsu Yamashiro (aka Katana) Brave and the Bold #200 (July/1983). Then, of course, the next month Batman and the Outsiders #1 came out.

    2. Nyssa al Ghul first appeared in Detective Comics #783. This one you can find in the $1 bin.

  • You’re missing the most important key: More Fun Comics 73 (1st appearance of Green Arrow) – or the millennium reprint.

  • New Titans #99 – 1st Appearance of Roy Harper as Arsenal

  • I don’t think you can speculate on more fun 73. a copy just sold for 38k. You could speculate on adventure 256. VGs are around 100-150 or so.

  • Wasn’t talking about speculating … the blog post was about keys. The first appearance of Green Arrow is surely the most important key when it comes to the character.

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