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Comic Book Wars Episode 9

Join Trey, Jimmy, Brandon and Keith as they discuss all things speculation this week. This week they focus on Kid Loko Vs Aqualad, the Upper deck NHL Young Guns, Magic the Gathering and so much more! Make sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel! Make sure to check out the Comic Book Scalping Instagram Account CBS_Daily Did

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Right when the American election couldn’t get weirder and more in your face, the Hillary Clinton campaign reminded everyone that comic books characters can still be important. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently targeting Donald Trump online supporters, here is a screen capture from her website. Pepe the frog is a comic book character that through websites like 4chan and reddit

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Hollyweird Catchup

I haven’t done a Hollywood post in a little while so this post will start with some new news and end with some catch-up information. Four titles to look for! News came out today that the third season of the Flash CW TV-Show would be based around the DC Flashpoint story line with its own take on the original source

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Week in Review January 28

The last few weeks has seen the speculative power of the Power Rangers – with Boom Studios 7 cover, Power Ranger #0 released two weeks ago tearing up the online market place. All representing a different member of the original Power Ranger Team, five regular covers and two incentive covers were released with the two incentive covers having very sporadic

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