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I haven’t done a Hollywood post in a little while so this post will start with some new news and end with some catch-up information. Four titles to look for!

News came out today that the third season of the Flash CW TV-Show would be based around the DC Flashpoint story line with its own take on the original source material. It was also hinted that Arrow and Supergirl, both CW TV-Shows, would also appear in the Flash point third season. Flashpoint #1 first print has been heating up on its own in the past two months, selling for $15 to $25 respectivel. However, since the TV show news more copies are selling around $25 and the retailer incentive variant cover is selling upwards of $50. These two books have a lot of room to grow in the coming weeks. (The SDCC Variant for Flashpoint #1 is still available for $10 – It has not been performing as well on the secondary market as the first print cover A, however, it has great potential for growth)

Another book that has already been preforming well on the secondary market that is sure to benefit from this Flash News is the Flash Point Reverse Flash #1 one-shot. This book has been selling for $10.However, this book has the most potential for growth as there is no Flash Point without Reverse Flash and since this is the Flash TV-Show this character has a very high likely hood of showing up.

The Kitchen was a title that was published by Vertigo / DC in 2014. This week it was picked up by New Line Cinema to be adapted for film. This has resulted in the Kitchen #1 selling for two to three times cover. This is a book that can still be found in many back issue bins!

Another book that has been selling for triple cover price is Titan Comics Surface Tension #1. This book came out in February of 2015, became a mini series, now just announced a few weeks ago it’s being picked up for television adaptation.

The last book to be looking for is Scarlet from Icon / Marvel Comics. Scarlet was Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s creator owned title that has released nine issues since 2011. This book has apparently been picked up by HBO/ Cinemax. While Scarlet #1 started selling for $90 when this news broke is has started to cool off selling on average for $25. Almost every issue of Scarlet can still be found in the wild and all issues under 5 are selling for $10+. While this isn’t a book I would be holding onto it has great quick flip potential.

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