Right when the American election couldn’t get weirder and more in your face, the Hillary Clinton campaign reminded everyone that comic books characters can still be important. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently targeting Donald Trump online supporters, here is a screen capture from her website.


Screen shot 2016-09-17 at 10.55.50 PM.png

Pepe the frog is a comic book character that through websites like 4chan and reddit has been associated with memes and viral content. Pepe is a frog that lives with three other animals whom play video games, drink and get high together. These characters have  no association with white supremacy.

Pepe the frog first appears in Boys Club #1 a self published comic-zine by Matt Furie in 2006 – later collected in trade paper back by Fantagraphics Comics. The original zine has grown in popularity considerably after Clinton started talking about the character.


Over the past week since being brought up by Clinton, the first printing of Boys Club #1 has quickly grown from a $10 to $20 book to a $50 to $60 book. This is a great book to be looking for (and can still be found in some comic book stores that cater to more independent publishers!)

Read more of Hillary on Pepe here

Expect a week in review post this week featuring some catch-up news as well as some great speculation tidbits I’ve neglected to post about in the past month.

Happy Speculating
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