Week in Review January 28

The last few weeks has seen the speculative power of the Power Rangers – with Boom Studios 7 cover, Power Ranger #0 released two weeks ago tearing up the online market place. All representing a different member of the original Power Ranger Team, five regular covers and two incentive covers were released with the two incentive covers having very sporadic sales. The 1:50 Variant – Green ranger has been selling for $100 to $130 while the 1:100 White Ranger Variant has been selling for $175 to $250 – with full sets of all seven covers hitting up to $300. While the variant covers have stayed at the same price over the past two weeks the regular covers seem to be selling for $10 with the red ranger selling for upwards of $25!

With the popularity of this series and with Boom pushing out multiple variants for future issues – one should look at the first appearance of this franchise in comics. The Power Rangers first appeared in the very undervalued Hamilton / Saban’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #1 from 1994. While there was a give-away comic book that featured the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers that came out a few months prior to the Hamilton / Sabans issue (Published by Hamilton Comics and included in a Fruit of the Loom promotion)- it is almost non-existant with very few copies if any accounted for. Currently this book sells on average from $5 to $25 in near mint condition on ebay ($5 on MCS).

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 11.48.27 PM

A book that came onto my radar while I was at Hot Topic looking for nail polish and nose-rings is the We Can Never Go Home #2 Hot Topic Variant Cover. While a lot of fans seem to be upset with Black Mask for dropping the balls on major titles like Young Terrorists and many other titles that only received a first issue while also unloading multiple variants for titles – some many months after release date – this Hot Topic Variant cover is selling for $7 to $10 – double the $4.50 cover price.

The last piece of speculative news from this week is the Lootcrate Walking Dead Mcfarlane Toys announcement. Earlier discussed on Comicbooksheatingup, next months Lootcrate (the one currently up for order) features an exclusive Walking Dead figure or toy by the Mcfarlane toy company. These lootcrate items historically sell very well once they are released and then slower cool down – however, one could simply look at the December Lootcrate featuring a Star Wars Funko Pop of Han Solo that had peak sales of $80 but now only sells for $20 – still covering the price of the lootcrate and giving you additional product to sell. This offer has great potential and can be ordered here.

PS: Here is a picture of the impossible to find first appearance of the Power Rangers – The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Fruit of the Loom Edition from Hamilton Comics.


Happy Speculating
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