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Hollywood Daze: WHEN WILL THEY END? Imagine Agents

This was pointed out to me by Indy. Indy I have no idea what to link here so I am linking your great facebook page and your INDY’s Picks BOC Thread. Both are great resources you should check out!  It was announced today that FOX had just closed a deal that involved Michael Ketan starting in and producing an adaption

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Supergirl Starz: Cyborg Superman

A few weeks ago there was a “bombshell” announcement that Jimmy Olsen would be appearing in the upcoming CBS Supergirl tv-show as a black man trying to date Supergirl’s alter ego. This was in the comic website news for a few days but quickly went away. Today two more actors were cast in the Supergirl Tv-Show – the characters Hank Henshaw

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O’Really Factor: Don Johnson, Live Wire, Hellblazer

I don’t know why this book is getting popular. There is no New 52 announcement, or tv-show speculation. This book is getting popular for almost no reason. With peak sales of $100 and average auction prices of $35+, just this week. This book is most likely going to go down and be a $20 book. But right now sales are

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This Weeks Prospects, May 11, 2014

You know who’s a lot like Darkseid but more hardcore? Mangul. Really? Well I don’t know, but for some reason this book seems to be trending upwards. (not unlike DC Comics Presents #27 – First appearance of the New Teen Titans, which seems to keep going up!) – sure it might only have peak sales around $10 or $20, but

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Word?! Livewire

I really can’t give you a reason for this happening. Livewire’s first appearance is heating up. (keep in mind the picture above shows a VF+ copy at auction at $27 with four days to go) Who’s Livewire? Exactly. This has been rumoured for some time that this book was going up in value, but again, there really isn’t a reason for

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ASM #1 Volume 3 Follow up

Here are the going rates for ASM #1 Volume 3 retailer variants. (these do not include store or other “exclusive” variants) If you can grab these for half of what they sell for, its a good buy, anything more than that wouldn’t be worth your time. These prices are only going to go down. And since Alex Ross isn’t doing

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