ASM #1 Volume 3 Follow up

Here are the going rates for ASM #1 Volume 3 retailer variants. (these do not include store or other “exclusive” variants)

If you can grab these for half of what they sell for, its a good buy, anything more than that wouldn’t be worth your time.
These prices are only going to go down.

And since Alex Ross isn’t doing a signing anytime soon, it doesn’t make sense to hold to to these books.

Alex Ross 1:300 – $380


Alex Ross 1:75 – $50


Martin 1:75  – $35

Opena 1:75 – $35

Mcguiness – $50



– Livewire

– Silk

– Spider-man 2099 (a didn’t we already go over this? post and it will be revised)

-Wormwood #0 vs Wormwood #1


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