Hollywood Daze: WHEN WILL THEY END? Imagine Agents

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This was pointed out to me by Indy. Indy I have no idea what to link here so I am linking your great facebook page and your INDY’s Picks BOC Thread. Both are great resources you should check out! 

It was announced today that FOX had just closed a deal that involved Michael Ketan starting in and producing an adaption of the Boom! Studios four part series, Imagine Agents. Unlike some of the previous FOX comic book project announcements has a main stream actor already pegged to have large involvement with the project – it will be fun to watch how this progresses.

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Imagine Agents is about the police of imaginary friends so imagine men in black except instead of hunting aliens its Imaginary Friends of 6, 7 and 8 year olds. This book would translate well in the big screen.

Right now the books to be looking for are Imagine Agents #1 (there is also a 1:15 “virgin” art variant that up to a few hours ago was available on the Boom Studios website) and the limited to 100 Imagine Agents #1 Detroit Fanfare Variant. The Detroit Fanfare Comic Con no longer goes on and I remember passing this book up. Now that its selling for $50 on ebay and has a lot of potential to gain traction I’m kicking myself.

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Happy Speculating!

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