This Weeks Prospects, May 11, 2014

You know who’s a lot like Darkseid but more hardcore? Mangul. Really? Well I don’t know, but for some reason this book seems to be trending upwards. (not unlike DC Comics Presents #27 – First appearance of the New Teen Titans, which seems to keep going up!) – sure it might only have peak sales around $10 or $20, but this use to be a dollar book!

DC Presents #27 – First appearance of Mangul


IZombie Update – Last Update February 18



It seems that this week the CW has made more confirmation on its IZombie tv-series. Which has brought the price of the #1 (A debut dollar issue) to a nice $25. While the Darwyn Cooke Variant sells for $75+.
Now is the time to sell.


– Nailbiter #1 is now a $5 book. It might go up, but its levelled at $5 at the current time.
– Southern Bastards is a steady $9.
– Haunted #1 $10
– Pax Ramana #1 in strict Near Mint – seems to be getting $60 – $80
– Ebay took down my Tijuana Bibles listing after selling two of them – I’m not sure why. They said “adult content, list it in proper category”. I’m going to look into this and update, but this is just becoming a harder to get book.

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