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The Bleeding Cool Effect: Misty Knight

Last week news came out about the casting of Misty Knight, Luke Cage’s Love interest, for the new Netflix Iron Fist TV-Show. Very soon after that Bleeding cool ran an article called speculation corner spotlighting Marvel Premiere #20. What Bleedincool neglected to “spotlight” was that Misty Knight doesn’t appear in Marvel Premiere #20, she is just brought up as an

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Supergirl Starz: Cyborg Superman

A few weeks ago there was a “bombshell” announcement that Jimmy Olsen would be appearing in the upcoming CBS Supergirl tv-show as a black man trying to date Supergirl’s alter ego. This was in the comic website news for a few days but quickly went away. Today two more actors were cast in the Supergirl Tv-Show – the characters Hank Henshaw

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Week of October 15: Suicide Squad Hollywood

Today Time Warner (Brothers) (the owners of DC and the makers of the movies) had a investors meeting where they tried to advertise there product while showing what was coming down the pipe line with projections for the next six years. If the first two movies fail I doubt we’ll see the others ones, so keep that in mind when

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SDCC: Word?!

A lot is happening this week. Archies prices dropping – seems like the After Life With Archie 36 Magazine issue was only profitable in presale. And now Sabrina is the new character? Afterlife with Archie was a fluke, Life with Archie was a bomb, Sabrina is going to be a disaster. Stay away. There is a lot of news coming

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This Weeks Prospects, May 31, 2014

Another Week, another new release selling for $8+. I never know how to feel about a book selling for three times cover three days after release. C.O.W.L. #1 from Image sold out after coming out on wednesday but it looks like The 2000 AD (Titan Imprint) title Brass Sun #1 is this weeks winner, becoming a $10+ book almost over night.

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O’Really Factor: Don Johnson, Live Wire, Hellblazer

I don’t know why this book is getting popular. There is no New 52 announcement, or tv-show speculation. This book is getting popular for almost no reason. With peak sales of $100 and average auction prices of $35+, just this week. This book is most likely going to go down and be a $20 book. But right now sales are

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