This Weeks Prospects, May 31, 2014

Another Week, another new release selling for $8+.

I never know how to feel about a book selling for three times cover three days after release. C.O.W.L. #1 from Image sold out after coming out on wednesday but it looks like The 2000 AD (Titan Imprint) title Brass Sun #1 is this weeks winner, becoming a $10+ book almost over night. Ordinary #1 last week and now Brass Sun #1. Titan is on fire!


Another recent book to look out for is Boom Studio’s Lumberjanes #1. This book is starting to see movement as the second issue goes to a second print. Some Variant covers get $35! Look for the regular cover, right now this is a book to buy and hold onto.

(Boom’s website has a special offer for a variant limited to 250 copies. Its only $10 and probably worth the buy! )

Honourable Mentions,

Scalped #43 is the first appearance of Southern Bastards character Earl, as confirmed on the Southern Bastards official Tumblr website – this can only mean one thing – Cash. This book has a future – Find it, list it for $50, see what happens.


    $_57-4  tumblr_n2vytyshJE1r8ybe2o1_500


Firestorm Volume 2, #23 first appearance of Byte AKA Felicity Smoak Green from the CW Arrow TV-Show. She might appear as some kind of weird computer program villain, but this is really her first appearance! If you believe in the Arrow TV-Show, this is a good book to be holding onto. At least until the third season premier.


Justice League Adventure #13 – I don’t know if I’m being trolled. First appearance of All-star. A lot of talk but no reasoning. IF you see it for under $5 pick it up. (Maybe people are buying it just to speculate on something creating a fake market where you can make a few bucks, I’m not sure)


Thats it. Happy Speculating.

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