SDCC: Word?!

A lot is happening this week. Archies prices dropping – seems like the After Life With Archie 36 Magazine issue was only profitable in presale. And now Sabrina is the new character? Afterlife with Archie was a fluke, Life with Archie was a bomb, Sabrina is going to be a disaster. Stay away.

There is a lot of news coming out from SDCC this week – Five Ghosts is being a tv-show – where did we hear that before?

Also This – What is this? I don’t know but worth keeping an eye out for.

Manifest Destiny #8 SDCC Cover Sketch Variant
How many were printed? I don’t know – but if you’re at the show, ask around!

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 12.37.39 AM

Also – Artist / Writer first appearances are heating up. Its really cool and more on that next time!

Happy Speculating

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