WORD?!? King Shark UPDATE

Shoutout to Heronext for pointing this out!

So I talked about this a week or two ago, King Shark is rumoured to be appearing in the Arrow TV-Show Universe, showing up in the Flash online comic written by the TV-Show writers.Heronext was quick to point out that Superboy #0 is not the first full appearance of the King Shark.


In Superboy #0 (Volume 3), King Shark appears in the very last panel, grinning through the shadows.
IMG_3131King Shark later appears in Superboy #9, also appearing on the cover, making Superboy #9 the first full appearance of King-Shark. If King-Shark does end up appearing on the Arrow or Flash TV-Show’s this book, currently selling on ebay for $2, will explode.

redo - first king shark - other one is cameo

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