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Week in Review: Week of May 18

Now that everyone seems to be focusing on New Mutants, where the New Mutants #1 CGC 9.8 has more then doubled in price selling above $700 on auction! Now is not the time to be holding onto Marvel Graphic Novel #4s or New Mutants #1. In this week in review I’m going to talk about some other books I’ve ignored

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Buy it: Secret Origins #10

Secret Origins #10 comes out today (February 25) and as of last week it was sold out at the distributor. As of last week any copy appearing on ebay was quickly purchased, but why? Secret Origins #10 continues and “explains” the bomb shell that was dropped in Batgirl #39, where the Batgirl in the NEW 52 isn’t Barbara Gordon and was

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WORD?!? King Shark UPDATE

Shoutout to Heronext for pointing this out! So I talked about this a week or two ago, King Shark is rumoured to be appearing in the Arrow TV-Show Universe, showing up in the Flash online comic written by the TV-Show writers.Heronext was quick to point out that Superboy #0 is not the first full appearance of the King Shark. In Superboy #0 (Volume

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This Weeks Prospects June 17 2014

This week has been pretty big for Rat Queens. First Print #1 is an easy $18+ while the one in ten Fiona Staples variant became a $60 to now $100 book almost overnight. Its a beautiful situation. This week sees a new Bryan Lee O’Malley Variant hitting shelves. Wicked + Divine #1 Cover C. The last time O’Malley did a variant

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Word?! Harley Quinn #1 Fourth Print

Yeah, I’m sorry about my last post. I’m confused about Volcana too. Reported to have a print run of under 5,000 (to go in stride with the other printings of this book) the Harley Quinn #1 fourth print has been getting a little attention on the secondary market. With peak sales of $20 plus, this book averages about $5 to

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