WORD?!? King Shark

I just want to give a shout out to Matt CZipf for asking me to find these books for him which made me write this article. YOU TOLD ME NOTHING MATT. 

Have you been reading The Flash Season Zero from DC? Flash Season Zero is a digital only comic book set in the Flash TV-show universe written by the TV-Show writers – you have to pay for digital issues – so one can assume that these will later be published in physical form – One can also assume that characters appearing in the book could appear in the TV-show.

Which brings up to King Shark – slated to appear in the upcoming Chapter 11 of the Flash Zero comic. 


King Shark’s first appearance is Superboy #0 – if this is a sign of things to come, you shouldn’t sleep in it. (also Superboy #2 is the first appearance of Scavenger, who MIGHT appear in the Aquaman film)


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  • I jumped on these back when I heard about the Suicide Squad movie, hoping King Shark would be in that. But hey, I’ll take a TV appearance.

  • King Shark has an unnamed, toothy-grinned cameo in Superboy # 0. He’s got a full, named appearance (plus the cover) in Superboy # 9. I think zero has value, but the trend seems to favor first full appearances over cameos. If I were going to play a King Shark angle, I’d lean toward Superboy 9. Herd behavior isn’t always predictable, though, so who knows? Maybe zero does win out.

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