Word?! Harley Quinn #1 Fourth Print

Yeah, I’m sorry about my last post. I’m confused about Volcana too.

Reported to have a print run of under 5,000 (to go in stride with the other printings of this book) the Harley Quinn #1 fourth print has been getting a little attention on the secondary market. With peak sales of $20 plus, this book averages about $5 to $10. Its good a book and I suggest you pick up as many copies as you can.


Remember when Batman #1 Fifth print was hot fire? Well, now Harley Quinn #1 Fourth Print is.

Also, Powers is suppose to be a TV-show again but on the Playstation network. Which like The Last of Us being option for X-box makes no sense. I’m not suggesting buying #1 copies, because they’re already impossible to find, however if you can find graded copies of Powers Volume 1 #1 for under $60, You probably want to jump all over that. This book will probably become a  $100 – $200 9.8 in a few days.

Happy Speculating

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  • Is Supergirl #1 the first preview of Masters of the Universe?

    • No. a Masters of the Universe preview appeared in five comic books that came out the same month, November 1982. So you could say all four books were the first appearance.
      The real Masters of the Universe money book is DC Presents 47, which even at $250 for a 9.8 – has a lot of growth to move.

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