This Weeks Prospects June 17 2014

This week has been pretty big for Rat Queens. First Print #1 is an easy $18+ while the one in ten Fiona Staples variant became a $60 to now $100 book almost overnight. Its a beautiful situation.

This week sees a new Bryan Lee O’Malley Variant hitting shelves. Wicked + Divine #1 Cover C. The last time O’Malley did a variant cover, it was again for the creators of Wicked + Divine (Young Avengers #1) and t became an instant $10 book. This is the book to grab this week. This was an order as many as you want cover so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.


Hollywood Reporter is saying Fox picked up Boom’s Malignant Man for a movie by the Fast and the Furious 7 director, aka, the guy that killed Paul Walker. Right now, Malignant Man #1 is in a lot of back issue bins at cover price, might be a good idea to pick one or two up. Image

The last book to keep an eye out for is Marvel / Disneys Figment #1 Variant Covers. I’m not sure where Figment is from, its apparently a Disney character whose origin comes from Disney Theme parks, which is weird. The 1:25 Variant is selling for $65+ on ebay plus the 1:50 variant has two sales of $120+ on ebay. This book has some potential at being the flavour of the month. Great buy low sell high situation on this one. (Plus the covers are really trippy)

Image       Image


Happy Speculating

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– Action Comics #725 – is this the first Volcana?
– X-Factor #15
– Apocalypse back issues?
– Del Toro’s Justice League Dark
– Dead@17

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