Week of January 3: Star Wars: Woman of Marvel movement

It looks like through the popularity of Harley Quinn, Marvel has tried to cash in on the action, introducing three new female super-heroes and reinventing another. 2015 for Marvel is going to be all about the female characters so the following books are ones you should be holding on to.


February 18 sees Marvel’s release of a new Silk on-going series. Silk, Cindy Moon, was exposed to the same radioactive spider bite as Peter Parker – so this is going to be exactly like the on-going Amazing Spider-Man series except without Ramos’s terrible interior artwork and with a lot more sexy variant covers. Marvel Now! Spider-Man #4 Already selling for $15+ Her first appearance is one to hold on to, if not for just another two months.


February 25 sees the release of Spider-Gwen #1 – judging by the amount of ebay presales already for this title, Edge of Spider-Verse #2, currently selling for $60+, is a book to hold onto. It seems like 2015 is going to be very Marvel / Star Wars oriented.

Kamala Khan

Marvel introduced this character to cash in on Muslim fans and female fans and so far its been working. Her first appearance, Captain Marvel #14 has been steadily selling for $15. While her first appearance in her own title, Ms. Marvel #1 has been selling for a solid $20 for the past few months. Based on how Marvel uses this character and her use in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, these two books have no where to go but up.

Star Wars #1 Marvel 2014
star-wars-gay-wedding-11284-1268736375-42Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 11.05.08 PM

BleedingCool is reporting that retailers received two premiere edition copies of Star Wars, with the stores name printed inside. This is done by marvel as a retailer thank you – where retailers usually receive only one copy – Its sent for retailers to read to try to coax into ordering more copies. Bleedingcool is reporting retailers received two. I can not confirm or deny that. However, this will be the lowest printed Star Wars Variant. Easy money can be made by buying these from your local retailer. Right now they seem to be averaging $60.

Based on how many Star Wars #1 variants there are going to be and the projected 1 million print run, I’m putting my money on this book.

What to look forward to in the next few days:
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  • I’m a retailer, and yes, I got two. I was told a few weeks back that there would be two personalized copies in case one was damaged. They wouldn’t be able to reprint them. Although mine came in fine, they were sent in an envelope – I’m sure some were damaged along the way.

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