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Kickstarter Spotlight: Graveyard Slaughter

Shout out Nico for pointing this out to me. This week an online fundraising campaign for a comic book horror anthology was launched by Lunchbox Press for the title, Graveyard Slaughter. This book features four stories from various writer / artist teams based in the horror genre.     In the kickstarter description its reads, “This collection of four horror

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The Bleeding Cool Effect: Misty Knight

Last week news came out about the casting of Misty Knight, Luke Cage’s Love interest, for the new Netflix Iron Fist TV-Show. Very soon after that Bleeding cool ran an article called speculation corner spotlighting Marvel Premiere #20. What Bleedincool neglected to “spotlight” was that Misty Knight doesn’t appear in Marvel Premiere #20, she is just brought up as an

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March Hit List Part Deux (2)

You can check out March’s Part 1 list here, but here are two books you should be keeping an eye on. At the in-store comic convention kick-off live stream – Peter Hogan reported that his Dark Horse series Resident Alien was getting a lot of interest from Hollywood and its TV / Movie adaptation was imminent. This has resulted in all

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March Hit List Part Un (1)

As a continuation of the “week of” posts heres a new article trend I’m going to start. The Hit-List, A rundown of a few books heating up on and off ebay. Detailing a book or two you should be on the hunt for. During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hype the first appearance of Groot became a very hot topic.

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UPDATE: Word?!?! Pussycats #0 E-Comix

This week a new book has come out from a new publisher (E-Comix.net) and has already sold out at Diamond and most online retailers. Currently its selling for $15 – $25 on ebay. Pussycats #0 This book is based on three porn actors past and present and is very dirty. Which could be why some stores didn’t order any copies

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