March Hit List Part Un (1)

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 2.25.20 AMAs a continuation of the “week of” posts heres a new article trend I’m going to start. The Hit-List, A rundown of a few books heating up on and off ebay. Detailing a book or two you should be on the hunt for.

During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hype the first appearance of Groot became a very hot topic. Was both Tales to Astonish #13 and Incredible Hulk Annual #5 significantly heating up. Another book that sold well and still sells well is Where Monsters Dwell #6 (1970) – reprinting Tales to Astonish #13 (1960). Based on this – another book that has a lot of potential for growth is Shazam #8. Shazam #8 reprints Marvel Family #1 – the first appearance of Black Adam – with the first “modern” appearance of Black Adam appearing 20 issues later. With Dwayne “the rock” Johnson as the only signed on actor for the upcoming Shazam film, playing Black Adam, this book has a lot of potential.

On Thursday (March 5) – another character was cast in the Lucifer TV-Show – The character “Maze”. This has largely been speculated to be DC’s Mazikeen. Mazikeen’s first appearance is Sandman (Volume 2 – Neil Gaiman) #22 – this book on ebay has completed sales from $5 – $20 – but can still be found in back-issue boxes for around $5.
It all depends on how this character is executed – but right now easy money can be made on the quick flip with this book.


Happy Speculating
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