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March Hit List Part Un (1)

As a continuation of the “week of” posts heres a new article trend I’m going to start. The Hit-List, A rundown of a few books heating up on and off ebay. Detailing a book or two you should be on the hunt for. During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hype the first appearance of Groot became a very hot topic.

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Word?! Mortal Kombat X

Heres a book that isn’t really on the radar. This book came out a few months ago (January 14 2015) and was very under-ordered for a DC book. This book has two covers and one variant and because of cross-over fans video-game / comic book fans, has only one way to go. Up. Mortal Kombat X #1. The regular connecting

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How to Prepare books for CGC SS

Today in our, because no body asked section of Comic Book Scalping, How to Prepare books for CGC Signature Series in Five Steps: Step 1: Get your tools – Painters Tape – Knife – Scotch Tape – Sharpie – Bag and Board Step 2: Decide where you want the placement of the signature – Sharpies work great Step 3: Place

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This Weeks Prospects, May 20, 2014

I’m really surprised at how much Izombie #1 has jumped in price so quickly. $34 to $60 for a #1! Hellblazer #1 sales seem to steadily be going up. Very Fine to Very Fine Plus copies sell around $50 to $75, which is a big deal! This book couldn’t sell above $10 if it had the slightest blemish not six

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