How to Prepare books for CGC SS

Today in our, because no body asked section of Comic Book Scalping,

How to Prepare books for CGC Signature Series in Five Steps:

Step 1: Get your tools
– Painters Tape
– Knife
– Scotch Tape
– Sharpie
– Bag and Board

photo 1

Step 2: Decide where you want the placement of the signature

– Sharpies work great

photo 2

Step 3: Place Painters Tape (or masking tape) in desired area and carefully cutting open with Knife

photo 3

Step 4: Leave room on back to write the CGC Invoice number on the back with your name and who you want to sign in and the 

photo 4
Step 5: Stash the book away in an oversized magazine bag you’re good to go. 

photo 5


Happy Speculating



  • Love the website. I am new to collecting comics (but quickly becoming an addiction) so excuse the silly question. Is this post on how to prepare your comic when you go to get it signed at an event, or is this something else? Is there a way to get a book cgc ss without being at the event where you can mail in your item to get it signed for a fee?

  • This is AWESOME. Very good tutorial and should be in EVERYONE’S Bookmarks.

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