This Weeks Prospects, May 20, 2014

I’m really surprised at how much Izombie #1 has jumped in price so quickly. $34 to $60 for a #1!

Hellblazer #1 sales seem to steadily be going up. Very Fine to Very Fine Plus copies sell around $50 to $75, which is a big deal! This book couldn’t sell above $10 if it had the slightest blemish not six months ago! Another book to keep an eye out for is Swamp Thing #67, a book you can easily find for under $5, that features the first appearance of Hellblazer #1 – this book is only just starting to get hot and with peak sales of $24.99 has a lot of potential.

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Every other month there seems to be a new slant on the first appearance of Wolverine discussion. Just like Daredevil #115 getting popular for almost no reason, Marvel Premiere #19 is brewing up a storm. Featuring a half page advertisement for Hulk 181, this book is jumping in value fast.

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Deathstroke the Terminator #15 – This book is a dollar book. However, there has been some movement with this book because it features the first appearance of Rose Wilson. Who? Exactly. Rose Wilson is Deathstokes daughter, but more importantley, Rose Wilson has appearance on the Arrow CW- TV-series and is a returning character. With average sales of $10 – this book has a lot of room for growth.

Honourable Mentions,

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Batman Superman Annual #4 seemed to have jumped in price. – at an average of $24.99 – It has a Batman Beyond appearance, also has a second print that is worth a chunk of coin. ($10 – $15)

Vamplets #1 selling for a steading $5 / $5+. Stupid.

Alex and Ada #1 seems to be a solid $15+ book at the moment

Woods #1 1:9 variant – If you see it, buy it, this book has been largely ignored.

Action #894 is blowing up for no reason. Said to be the first appearance of Death (from sandman) in the New 52, or new contunum. Its dumb, but selling for $15+ – find it for the pump and dump

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