Kickstarter Spotlight: Graveyard Slaughter

Shout out Nico for pointing this out to me.

This week an online fundraising campaign for a comic book horror anthology was launched by Lunchbox Press for the title, Graveyard Slaughter. This book features four stories from various writer / artist teams based in the horror genre.




In the kickstarter description its reads, “This collection of four horror epics is written by Cullen Bunn and Kevin Watkins. The stories are illustrated by a host of amazing talent, including Javier Saltares, Blacky Shepherd, Gary Bedell, and Adam McLaughlin.”


Recently Cullen Bunn has been on fire in the world of comic book speculation. Both the first issues of his Dark Horse Series Harrow Country and his Boom series Bone Parish have shot up to $20+ books. Both of these are horror titles.  If you’re buying copies of either of these titles you should keep in mind that this new kickstarter comic could very well see similar interest after it is successfully funded.


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