This weeks prospects: Movie Time Again (1) April 12, 2014



I’m really surprised by the recent sales of Collider #1. For a DC / Vertigo title these numbers are kind of unheard of! $20 – $30 just for the first issue of a book that came out 6 to 8 months ago! Meanwhile Trillium and the Wake first issues remain around $10. All because FPB has been optioned for a movie and Collider was the name of FPB before some copyright thing where DC/Vertigo changed the name. Collider #1 averaging $20 on the ebay after market is crazy. (and you can still find these books for cover! This book sat dormant for months, check the back issue bins, this book is readily available)


Insane Thought of the week, 
I spoke about this in my last post but I’m going to expand the thought. Collider #1 had a print run of roughly 16,000. (according to comichron). One book I’ve been able to find but has been harder to find than Collider #1 is the second print with the new name FBP #1. It has the same cover, with the Vertigo icon on the opposite site and the new name replacing Collider. Copies are hard to find on ebay but if you can find one, grab it! This book had a print run of under 3500! TWO ZEROES! FPB #1 might technically be a first print, but I think its going to be the money book long term. Find this book.

In his weeks, Buy it for the Pump and Dump

Invincible #110
has sold out on Diamond, which means comic book stores can no longer order any more and the book is going to go to a second print. I’m lazy so I have no idea whats going on in the book but all the ebay listings suggest something about rape. So I’m assuming Invincible gets rapped. Which is horrible. But thats not todays pump and dump thought – Invincible #110 just came out this week have ebay listings of $20 – $100. This book will probably stabilize around $20 by the time the second print comes out, but that doesn’t neglect its current potential.

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