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Negan Kills Red Foil Variant

Join us as we look at the Negan Lives Red Foil Variant Limited to 500 copies.

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Weird Catchup: Marvel Battleworld

I’m not really following Marvel’s current storylines. I was really into Daredevil until Shadowland ended. Never could get back into the Marvel U after they kept re-writing it, so excuse me for being slow on this one. This was first pointed out by the homies at The Dakoit’s Comic Book Speculation. Marvel has brought back Marvel Zombies to the Marvel

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December Lootcrate Reminder

The December Lootcrate is only going to be available for purchase for the next 12 hours. This crate comes with an exclusive Batman Variant for Batman #36 and it comes with an exclusive POP Figure of a Batman bombed Joker, (picture below) ORDER LOOTCRATE HERE  ORDER LOOTCRATE HERE  Depending on if you are located in Canada or the US the

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Image Floor Display FAQ and Full list

So as I wrote before, Image has released some special promotional editions of a few of there comics, and I’m trying to put together a complete list of all of them as they are released. This is a program stores can sign up for where they can return the books to the publisher after an estimated date if they do

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