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Hollywood Daze: Netflix, Mark Millar and The Magic Order

More news came out today about the development of Mark Millar’s The Magic Order. Read all about it now!

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Week in Review: July 3

Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online. This week seems to be focused around comic book publisher – Image Comics. Jason Aaron is releasing a new creator owned series with Image Comics titled Sea of Stars. Sea of Stars #1

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Millarworld’s THE MAGIC ORDER

    When Netflix announced the first book from their Millarworld comic book universe, The Magic Order, it was assumed this title would eventually be developed as a movie or tv series. After all, It was published under the Netflix banner. A few days ago news came out that Netflix was developing the Magic Order as a series with James

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Netflix and Mark Millar’s REBORN

Today news came out that Netflix would be adapting the Mark Millar title Reborn into a film from the director of IT with Sandra Bullock signed on. Like with most Mark Millar comic titles, when this book was released there were rumors and speculation that the title would quickly be optioned. Reborn #1 has several covers, but there are three

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