Netflix and Mark Millar’s REBORN

Today news came out that Netflix would be adapting the Mark Millar title Reborn into a film from the director of IT with Sandra Bullock signed on.

Like with most Mark Millar comic titles, when this book was released there were rumors and speculation that the title would quickly be optioned. Reborn #1 has several covers, but there are three in particular you should be thinking about. Reborn #1 had two incentive variants, a 1:25 Todd Mcfarlane cover and a 1:100 Greg Capullo sketch variant. As more news comes out about this comic’s movie adaptation these two books will see a a great increase in interest. There is also a New York Comic Con variant that features a sketch cover of the regular Greg Capullo cover, this variant has the lowest print run of all of the covers.

Before the news broke the five regular covers for this title were selling around cover price.  Since the news broke, most of the regular covers have been selling for $8 to $15.


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