Millarworld’s THE MAGIC ORDER



When Netflix announced the first book from their Millarworld comic book universe, The Magic Order, it was assumed this title would eventually be developed as a movie or tv series. After all, It was published under the Netflix banner. A few days ago news came out that Netflix was developing the Magic Order as a series with James Wan & Lindsey Beer signing on as executive producers.

The first issue of the Magic Order has a handful of covers as well as numerous store variant covers. There are two super rare covers that you should be aware of. The first is the very rare creator exclusive variant.

When The Magic Order #1 was released the official twitter account for the series, ran a contest where they gave away an exclusive variant cover dubbed the “creator exclusive variant”. Only 50 copies of this book were released on twitter, all of them were signed by Mark Millar. The actual print run of this book is speculative, however, this should be the rarest of all of The Magic Order #1 variant covers.

The first issue of The Magic Order was released in June of 2018, the Ashcan variant was released in March of 2018 and was only available through a very limited VIP signing at C2E2. This is the first published appearance of the characters in the Magic Order. The only way to get a copy of this book was by purchasing (Or winning through a contest) a Mark Millar VIP package for C2E2 which ranged in cost from $175 and $500 USD.


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