Week in Review: July 3

Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online. This week seems to be focused around comic book publisher – Image Comics.

Sea of Stars #1 Mignola
Jason Aaron is releasing a new creator owned series with Image Comics titled Sea of Stars. Sea of Stars #1 is being released by creative team Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum – This book is all about a trucker IN SPACE! This book has two covers including a Mike Mignola cover B variant. While this book is currently selling around its cover price – there was a limited edition ashcan preview released at the Diamond Heroes Con retailer summit – This book has been selling for $50 to $100.
Walking Dead 193
Another Image Comic that has been gaining a lot of steam online is the newest issue of Walking Dead. News first broke on Monday that this weeks Walking Dead, issue #193, is the final issue in the Walking Dead run. Within four hours of this news breaking first prints of Walking Dead #193 sold out at the distribution level. Copies have started selling for around $6 online. This is a double sized issue.


This week sees the release of a new comic from the Mark Millar Netflix universe – Space Bandits. Space Bandits #1 features six covers and like previous Mark Millar / Netflix projects one should assume this project will eventually be developed into a TV series or a movie. Netflix and Image are launching limited edition Space Bandits Legends covers – for issue #1 the legends cover features artwork by Howard Chaykin. This cover is limited to 3000 copies and in order to achieve this print run many stores will be allocated not unlike with the Oblivion Song Statue variant – except the cover price for this special edition variant is only 75 cents! This book has been selling online for $10 to $15 and based on what happens with this series it could be a great book to be holding on to.

Space Bandits #1 Chaykin
There is also a special Heroes initiative variant cover that is limited to only one copy. Read the full announcement for the series and the limited edition legends cover here.


That is your week in review! Let me know in the comments (or on social media)  if I missed any books you think are spec worthy!

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