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Hollywood Daze: Undiscovered Country

Hollywood Daze: Check out why Undiscovered Country #1 is starting to see interest before its release on November 6, 2019!

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Weird Hollywood: This Week’s Catch Up

Two Comic Remakes were in the news this week, Men in Black and Watchmen. HBO confirmed this week that they were trying to develop a Watchmen television series and Zack Snyder has confirmed he’s in talks to work on the project. Its a weird announcement, Watchmen is the best selling Graphic Novel of all time – and even after a

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Hollywood Daze: Wicked and Divine

I havn’t posted in a while because I have been busy. I apologize for the hiatus. This was pointed out on my facebook page by Nick Borelli, Wicked and Divine as announced by Deadline.com is being developed into a tv-show by Universal television (the same company that optioned Sex Criminals) Since the announcement earlier today copies of this book have flown

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Hollywood Daze: Sex Criminals

It appears as that Sex Criminals #1 first print has become a $50 book overnight. Why? It was announced today that Matt Fraction and wife Kelly Sue Deconnick have signed a two year contract to develop some of there creator owned work, with a Sex Criminals live action television show being the first part of the contract. Right now the books

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Hollywood Daze: Dreadstar TV SHOW?

Remember when I talked about this last april? Well it looks like this book is finally getting noticed as today it was announced that earlier hollywood interest in the title brought Jim Starlin to work on a live action TV-Series based on the property produced by NBC Universal. What You should do Now is the time to sell your Epic Magazine

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Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Three (part two)

More news. Newsrama and Dateline are reporting that FOX has now optioned Lucifer and have ordered a Pilot to be made. Yes, Lucifer from Sandman. What should you buy what shouldn’t you buy? The first appearance of Lucifer is Sandman #4, however, the DC wiki page indicates that the character first appeared in a dream in a long forgotten issue of

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