Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Three (part two)

More news. Newsrama and Dateline are reporting that FOX has now optioned Lucifer and have ordered a Pilot to be made. Yes, Lucifer from Sandman.

What should you buy what shouldn’t you buy?

The first appearance of Lucifer is Sandman #4, however, the DC wiki page indicates that the character first appeared in a dream in a long forgotten issue of Jimmy Olsen. Forget that. The speculation drive for this series will be based around three books. (Ignoring the Sandman film that is apparently being in the works that has and is still driving up the prices of Sandman #1 and #8 respectively)


Sandman #4 – The first appearance of Lucifer in the Neil Gaiman universe. Since the news has been announced most copies of this book on ebay have dried up.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 12.56.47 AM

Lucifer #1 – The Mike Carey series, easily found in back issue long boxes, this book is spiking upwards with auctions floating over $15+
This book can easily be comparable to Hellblazer #1, whereas the issue has no real signficance to the character other than it being the first #1 issue – prices of Hellblazer #1 are so healthy that it would be dumb not to look for this book.


Lucifer #1 first appears in a preview flip book – Lucifer #1 / Swamp Thing #1 Volume 2 VERTIGO Flip book, this book will probably be ignored until the Lucifer #1 and Sandman #4 copies dry up in the wild. So give it a week – this book is sold by Mile High Comics for $2, and is the preview and first appearance of Lucifer #1 – This is like Swamp Thing #67 – which sold for high numbers when Hellblazer was first announced but recent prices have fallen out. So this is a potential buy and dump situation.

 Also, whats going on with this new Image Oddly Normal on-going Series and will it have any effect on the 2005 mini-series from VIPER Comics (Later successfully kickstarted and reprinted in TPB)?

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 1.59.40 AM

Happy Speculating
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