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Hollywood Daze: Wonder-Jesus

Big news came out today from the Millar World Camp. The movies rights of both Supercrocks and American Jesus have been purchased by Waypoint Entertainment. American Jesus was originally published by Dark Horse as Chosen, a three part mini-series later reprinted as a $10 graphic novel by Image comics and rebranded as “American Jesus”. This is important because Chosen came

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The Weird Catch-Up: Battle Chasers / Robotech

Here are two Hollywood inspired books that I haven’t talked about. Last month it was announced that Battle Chasers would be coming back in the form of a video-game – and the comic book series (which ended at issue #8) would be continued and relaunched. With Battle Chasers creator Joe Madureira playing a big role in with the video games

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2015 Movie Watch: Part 2

Part Two of hollywood speculation to look forward to in 2015. Find Part 1 here.  Justice League Dark – Guillermo Del Toro has been working for almost the last ten years trying to put this film together. He just recently gave the final script to Warner Brothers to review. This film will happen. Right now the two books to go

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2015 Movie Watch: Part 1

The last twelve months has really demonstrated the power of television and film adaptation influenced comic book speculation. It almost felt like some properties were being bought without the intention of being developed. Here is a run down of Comic book properties that should see an increase of interest based on this kind of speculation. Every week in January I

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Word?! Weird War Tales #93

First and foremost big shout out to 1Tommyg69 – for giving me this tip! LT. Matthew Shrieve the only human member of the creature commandos has been cast and will be appearing in the third season of Arrow! That means in a few weeks this character will appear on the tiny screen for the first time. Already his first appearance has skyrocketed

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Word?!?: Carrie Kelley

Apparently an extra on the new Batman Superman film is being sued for two million dollars or something stupid, all because they released the information of who was playing Carrie Kelley in the upcoming film. This development means Carrie Kelley will be appearing in the new film, Carrie Kelley will most likely be developed into the film-verse version of Robin

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