2015 Movie Watch: Part 1


The last twelve months has really demonstrated the power of television and film adaptation influenced comic book speculation. It almost felt like some properties were being bought without the intention of being developed. Here is a run down of Comic book properties that should see an increase of interest based on this kind of speculation. Every week in January I plan on posting a continuation to this post.

Cowboy Ninja Viking

$_57-2The movie is full-on in development, with Chris Pratt signed on to play the leading role. Information hasn’t been released yet about the Director, which means there is still a lot of behind the scenes work being done. As convention season starts in full in March, more information will be released about the plans for this movie, which will bring up demand for Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 – which is currently selling at around $65.

Suicide Squad
164806-18058-112799-1-detective-comicsScreen shot 2015-01-02 at 2.21.02 AM

This film is plotted to start filming this April in Toronto – that means that while information and media pictures start appearing on the internet, the main character books are going to start going up in value.
First appearance of Deadshot (Detective Comics #474) – Played by WILL SMITH (HE’S A UNDERCOVER MEN IN BLACK!)
First appearance of Amanda Waller (DC Legends #1) – Played by VIOLA DAVIS (SHE WON AN OSCAR)

From Hell
Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 2.25.36 AM

The From Hell TV Show is rumoured to have the first few episodes already filmed. This means that there is only a small window left to speculate on From Hell #1 first prints (LOOK AT THE INDICA WHEN BUYING TO MAKE SURE ITS FIRST PRINT)- which when the TV-Show has an announced release day, will increase in demand.


IZombie #1 is a $14 to $20 book right now. The TV-Show has at least six episodes filmed and is slated to be shown on the CW at some point this year – probably after Arrow. Based on the success of Arrow and Flash and its cross-over popularity – IZombie #1 is another book that is going to be have a huge demand. Buy them now before the Arrow kids are going bonkers for them!

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Happy Speculating
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