Word?!?: Carrie Kelley

Apparently an extra on the new Batman Superman film is being sued for two million dollars or something stupid, all because they released the information of who was playing Carrie Kelley in the upcoming film. This development means Carrie Kelley will be appearing in the new film, Carrie Kelley will most likely be developed into the film-verse version of Robin (Like the epic Frank Miller Batman books) – her first appearance in comics and her first appearance in the New 52 will be sought after as the film further develops.

They are,

Batman The Dark Knight Returns
Batman and Robin #19 New 52

Battling Pope (when will I write this?)
Increase in Edge of Spider-Verse 2 – acronym EOSV prevailing – Other Spider-Girl books to increase?  – Plus the Cameo appearance variant at $40+ ?!?
House of M / Further Secret Wars speculation
Also it appears Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1 is heating up

Happy Speculating
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