2015 Movie Watch: Part 2

Part Two of hollywood speculation to look forward to in 2015. Find Part 1 here. 

Justice League Dark
Justice_League_Dark_Vol_1_1Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 2.56.44 AMswampthing49IMG_0001

Guillermo Del Toro has been working for almost the last ten years trying to put this film together. He just recently gave the final script to Warner Brothers to review. This film will happen. Right now the two books to go for are Justice League Dark #1 (NEW 52 VOLUME 1) and Swamp Thing #50 (or Swamp Thing #49 / Swamp Thing #50) – Justice League #9 (new 52 Volume 1) to a lesser extent, but still, this book has great potential, new creative team and the team showing up in the movie become the main story.

Doctor Strange 

There is still a lot to be revealed about this movie before it starts films. So far, aside from the first two appearance books the only book that has come out of this is the Marvel Graphic Novel: Doctor Strange Into Shamballa – based on interior pages being tweeted by the films director. This book seems to be on-fire, but this is a sell now before more information of the movie comes out that negates this as film plot point.

Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel

The Captain Marvel movie being based around Carol Danvers is big news; A female Captain Marvel film. There are three books to look for in regards to this film, Marvel Superheroes #12 – The First appearance of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel #1 (Volume 7) First Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and Captain Marvel #14 (Volume 7). Scott Hepburn, interior artist on Captain Marvel, recently revealed that he was directed by Marvel to put a “noticeable teenage dark skinned girl” into a scene. This means that Captain Marvel #14 is a no contest first appearance of the new Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan will appear in the marvel cinematic universe and her first appearance only has one place to go. (up)

To be continued next week! Have any suggestions for what I should talk about in the next Movie Post? Leave a comment! 

Happy Speculating
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  • Wouldn’t marvel superheroes #13 be a good pick up too? It’s first carol Danvers?

    • The Marvel SuperHeroes #13 is a key for Captain Marvel, however, I think #12 is going to be the winner.

      • Out of curiously why would 12 be more investable then 13 I get why you’d say that but why would first captain marvel that’s not carol Danvers be worth more than the actual first carol Danvers ?

      • This is my opinion, and I would just go with the first appearance of Captain Marvel instead of the first appearance of the person playing Captain Marvel in this particular film. Sequels could be based back to the original.

      • So by that theory wouldn’t first brother voodoo be almost as investable as first doctor strange because brother voodoo was at one time sorcerer supreme? Like I said I get why first captain marvel would totally be investable but the actress they get to play captain marvel will be in the franchise for at least 2-8 movies depending on how popular she is . I can’t imagine that they’re gonna have male captain marvel how more than an insignificant role in that movie if at all any role at all

  • You mentioned Kamala Khan will be in the Marvel Cinematic universe – is that new info? I thought the Ms. Marvel movie was likely to be Carol Danvers?

    • There is no Ms.Marvel Movie, just Captain Marvel with Carol Danvers taking the thrown. Carol Danver’s previous status as Ms.Marvel and Marvels over use of female characters in the past year is why I think they are trying to make room for Kamala in the Marvel Film U.

      • Ahhh… got it. Thanks. If there were any more Captain, Ms., Mr. Mrs, Marvels… one is a woman, one is a man, one is a Kree, one is Indian, one is Muslim, one is a transvestite…. I think I’ll lose my mind

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