Weird Hollywood: This Week’s Catch Up

Two Comic Remakes were in the news this week, Men in Black and Watchmen.

BWJLVariantCvrsHBO confirmed this week that they were trying to develop a Watchmen television series and Zack Snyder has confirmed he’s in talks to work on the project. Its a weird announcement, Watchmen is the best selling Graphic Novel of all time – and even after a blockbuster film there is still a lot of story to tell. Watchmen #1 might see a small spike in value however the books to be looking for are the Before Watchmen comics – Especially the Comedian related books. Currently found in dollar bins at most Local Comic Book Stores – These books will probably start selling in the $5 range once more news comes out about the HBO series.


This week the producers of the Men In Black films announced their plans of relaunching the franchise without Tommy Lee Jones (dead in the films) and without Will Smith – this of course comes out after the leaked Sony E-Mails suggesting a 21-Jump Street / Men in Black movie was in the works. A lot of people don’t realize that Men in Black was a comic book before it was a movie. Originally Published by Aircel Comics which was later bought out by Malibu Comics which was purchased by Marvel Comics in 1994, Men In Black #1 has been undervalued and looked over for the past few years. This book has a lot of room to grow – With very low print runs the Men in Black Comics the first Men In Black three issue series sells for $50 to $100 in varying conditions. These are books to be looking for and holding onto.

I was going to add Damage Control here but that became a news event in itself. Happy hunting and Happy Speculating

Happy Speculating
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