Hollywood Daze: Dreadstar TV SHOW?

Remember when I talked about this last april? Well it looks like this book is finally getting noticed as today it was announced that earlier hollywood interest in the title brought Jim Starlin to work on a live action TV-Series based on the property produced by NBC Universal.

What You should do

Now is the time to sell your Epic Magazine #3 – the first appearance of Dreadstar.

$_57-2This book is usually priced around $10 – $20 at shows and at comic book stores, some times less, and more recently has been selling for $30 – $60 on ebay depending on there conditions.
Another book that you should be looking for

Dreadstar #1 This book has some very sporadic sales between $7 – $12. This has been for the last fifteen years and still is found in dollar bins around North America.


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Happy Speculating
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  • There’s a lot more to the Dreadstar Saga in between Epic Illustrated #3 and Marvel Graphic Novel #3. Epic Illustrated #4-9 as well as the Price #1 (from Eclipse) were published before MGN 3.

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