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It appears as that Sex Criminals #1 first print has become a $50 book overnight. Why? It was announced today that Matt Fraction and wife Kelly Sue Deconnick have signed a two year contract to develop some of there creator owned work, with a Sex Criminals live action television show being the first part of the contract.


Right now the books to look for are Sex Criminals #1 Cover A – with graded signed copies already fetching between $150 and $180, and the Sex Criminals #6 Brimpception Variant. 

tumblr_n9wugl0m3W1rbfui1o6_1280This book was done as a gift for “Sex Criminals biggest fans” with a print run estimated around 100.

The news today highlights Kelly Sue Deconnick’s involvement but doesn’t name a title, it also suggests that other series by Fraction could be in the works for adaptation. Some books to keep into consideration and look for in case of similar bumps in prices are Casanova #1, Satellite Sam #1, Pretty Deadly #1, Bitch Planet #1. 

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