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Word?! President Evil #1

For some reason I didn’t talk about these two books in my previous post. Coming out this week and sold out on diamond is Antartic Press’s President Evil #1 Volume 2 Make America (taste) great again. Antartic Press had a few copies available for sale on there website that have since sold out. This book has sold on ebay for

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Week in Review: March 17

Two books to be looking for this week This week most retailers received a copy of the action-packed ashcan for Redneck #1 from Image / Skybound. Recent ashcan’s or “preview books” produced by Image have been averaging $20 online. The second book you should be looking for this week is the Fiona Staples Grass Kings #1 Variant cover. Investcomic and

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Remember to follow Comic Book Scalping on facebook. I post facebook exclusive speculation content. This post contains spoilers. . . . . . The one take away from the Wolverine 3: Logan film you should be thinking about is Who is X-24. X-24 is a clone of Wolverine (as as pointed out by this is not the first clone

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Week in Review: February 21

Vault comics is a new comic publisher that started bringing out its titles last week. Last week saw the release of Tim Daniels, Fissure #1 from Vault. It subsequently has sold out at Diamond and is starting to trend online. It currently has two sales on ebay above cover, all best offer sales (1 and 2). Vault is released another

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Word?!?! Sam and Twitch

Seven years ago Todd Mcfarlane confirmed that he was working on a Sam and Twitch TV series. Sam and Twitch are two characters that first appeared in Spawn #1 and later had a spin-off series written by up and coming writer at the time, Brian Michael Bendis. Today it was announced that Kevin Smith was writing the Sam and Twitch

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