Week in Review: March 17

Two books to be looking for this week

This week most retailers received a copy of the action-packed ashcan for Redneck #1 from Image / Skybound. Recent ashcan’s or “preview books” produced by Image have been averaging $20 online.


The second book you should be looking for this week is the Fiona Staples Grass Kings #1 Variant cover. Investcomic and other speculation websites have been talking about this book and its possible potential upon release. This book was added on retailer final order cutoff which resulted in many stores not ordering copies. It is basically a cover B variant. Currently selling for $7 to $10 online.

Happy Speculating
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  • What do you think of the other Grass King #1 variants?

    • I run Hiphopf Comics so keeping that in mind, I am biased.
      I would expect the incentive variant which isn’t really a incentive, it was a order 15 get 14 regular and one variant. Many retailers didn’t order 15 copies.
      The Emerald City Comic Con Variant is also very beautiful and you don’t see a lot of people talking about it. Since this was a regional variant and Boom doesn’t seem to be selling convention overstock on there website (just yet) I would expect this to also continue climbing.

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