Week in Review March 21

A few things this week.

Elektra #2 1:25 Adi Granov variant cover comes out this week and is preselling for $80 to $100 online. Second issues are typically under-ordered so this one could have strong legs for the next few weeks. Definitely a book to be asking your local comic book store about.


Bleedingcool did an article today about the new Wolverine character that is being teased by Marvel in the upcoming X-Men event. Marvel released the cover images of X-Men Blue #5 and #6 but blurred out the new Wolverine character. Bleedingcool is saying that this teased character is Jimmy Hudson – Wolverines son (Not Daken – Another son). This seems like the most likely scenario. This character first appeared in Ultimate X #1 from 2010. There are a few variants for this book but most covers are currently selling for under $10. This is a book to be looking for and holding onto until we find out who this character is.

Skybound Entertainment finally revealed the comic book that would be offered in the Second Megabox. I previously wrote about the Skybound Megabox here – its a Skybound themed loot crate. The second box ships out at the end of this month and features FOUR  exclusive comic books. The First comic offered in this program is still selling for $40 and just today there was a sale for ONE of the comics in the second box that sold for $50! Here are the four exclusive comics – also included is a Vinyl figure (bloody or unbloody), a unannounced Mcfarlane studio toy AND MORE.


Catch-up Picks
Totally Awesome Hulk #3 (2016)
WHY? Flying out of the pages of the Monsters Unleashed Volume 2 series, Kid Kaiju is getting his own series at Marvel. Kid Kaiju is an 11 year old child whose drawings manifest themselves. In Near Mint condition this book has flown off most online marketplaces, its not selling well raw but if the Kid Kaiju series does well this book will start to pick up. Also, CGC 9.8 copies of this book are selling north of $100.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.52.43 AM.png
New Avengers #8  (2013)
WHY? This was brought up by Comicsheatingup last week. New Avengers #8 is the first appearance of The Black Order. The Black Order is the name given to a group of Thanos’ Henchmen. The Black order have been confirmed to be appearing in the Avengers Infinity War film. This week this book has been selling for $10 to $18.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.53.46 AM


Happy Speculating
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