Week in Review: February 21

Vault comics is a new comic publisher that started bringing out its titles last week. Last week saw the release of Tim Daniels, Fissure #1 from Vault. It subsequently has sold out at Diamond and is starting to trend online. It currently has two sales on ebay above cover, all best offer sales (1 and 2).
Vault is released another book this week and it is starting to follow the same trend as Fissure. This book isn’t written by Tim Daniels and seems to have some pretty solid content. That title is Heathen #1. Heathen is being pushed as a viking lesbian love story with lots of violence so it could potentially have legs. This is the book you should be looking for tomorrow.


Another book coming out tomorrow that has two versions, a regular copy and a limited edition Hardcover is the Legend of Zelda Art and Artifacts Limited Edition HC, published by Dark Horse Comics. The Limited Edition Hardcover has been selling well in presales in the past few weeks, has a very cool fold out sword cover, and has been sold out on every online retailer imaginable for weeks. The Hardcover retails for $75 USD and has sold this week for $130 USD. Comic book and book stores start to receive copies this week and it is definitely something you should be keeping an eye out for.



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  • Heathen has an earlier Kickstarter release that’s practically impossible to find. The Vault release is a reprint.

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