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Seven years ago Todd Mcfarlane confirmed that he was working on a Sam and Twitch TV series. Sam and Twitch are two characters that first appeared in Spawn #1 and later had a spin-off series written by up and coming writer at the time, Brian Michael Bendis. Today it was announced that Kevin Smith was writing the Sam and Twitch TV-series for the BBC.

The first appearance of the characters Sam and Twitch is Spawn #1 but there are two other characters in their universe that you should be speculating on.

Jinx – this is a creator owned character created by Brian Michael Bendis in 1996 that he later brought over to Image. Jinx is an assassin who first appeared in Sam and Twitch in issue #15.  Her first comic book appearance is Jinx #1 from Caliber Press. (later reprinted by Image)


The other recurring character in the Sam and Twitch comic universe that appeared in at least 16 different issues of the Sam and Twitch spin-off series, Dr. K. C. Mcrory. Dr. K. C is a crime scene investigator so depending on how heavy this series focuses on crime, this character should be appearing in the tv-series. Dr. K.C. Mcrory’s first appearance is the first issue of Sam and Twitch #1 from 1999.


Both Jinx #1 and Sam and Twitch #1 are very affordable books that can easily be found in the wild for under $10.

Happy Speculating
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  • blind adam the comicpimp

    you had me at kevin smith is doing this t.v. show. also don’t over look the spawn #1 fan edition as well spawn #1 is overprinted as all hell but is still a nice bargain find and for a non comic book speculation idea spogs the spawn pigswill net $3-5 a pack and I haven’t sceen a full set in years. san and twitch are #awesomesauce blind adam out

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